Paper Basic

Finish consists of the texture, feel and appearance of a paper. There a several types of paper finish:

Coated - A paper with a waxy finish (shiny or matte) on both sides.
Uncoated - A paper with an untreated surface that is dull and unreflective.
Coated One Side - A cover stock, shiny on front and dull on the back.
Kromekote - A premium ultra high gloss paper available in cover weights.
Kromekote is available as coated both sides or coated one side.
Wove - A smooth uncoated surface
Laid - Textured lines on the surface of the stock. This finish is used
predominantly in corporate identity (letterhead, envelopes, business
Linen - Textured lines on the surface of the sheet. Lines are finer and more
regular than on Laid papers. This finish is used predominantly in corporate
Laser - A paper which is manufactured to be compatible with a copier or a laser printer.

Opacity refers to how much you can see through the paper. If printing a magazine or book with a lot of text, one will want a good amount of opacity in the paper that is chosen. Otherwise, the reader may be bothered by printed material showing through from the other side of the page.

Brightness refers to how much light is reflected off the paper. Coated stocks reflect much more light than uncoated stocks do. Though some brightness is preferable, be sure to get a paper that will not reflect too much and prevent the reader from seeing what's on the page.

A paper's thickness measured in pounds.

A thin lightweight paper often used in publication interiors, sell sheets and letterhead.
Below are common text weights for paper used in offset printing.

50 lb. - Standard light weight paper used for digital & laser printing.
60 lb. - Finch Laser opaque sheet, one grade heavier than standard.
70 lb. - Heaviest Finch Laser Opaque.
80 lb. - Coated stock, equal in feel to 24 lb. Finch Laser.
100 lb. - Coated stock, equal in feel to 28 lb. Finch Laser.

A rigid heavyweight card, not easily folded, generally used in publication covers,
business cards and postcards. Below are some of the common cover weights.

67 lb. - Light weight uncoated Vellum Bristol
80 lb. - Light weight coated cover, slightly heavier than 67 lb.
88 lb. - Strathmore Card, heavier than 80 lb.
100 lb. - Mid-weight coated cover, heavier than 80 lb.
12 pt. - Heavy weight coated Kromekote cover.

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