Buy from your Local Businesses
You can decrease your impact on the environment by shopping in your local community at traditional retail stores. At The Copy Centers, we believe its more green to make your purchase at your local businesses than with e-tailers on the Internet.

The environmental impact from the use of packing materials (brown boxes, packing peanuts, packaging tape, Styrofoam, etc.) along with the transportation (carbon emissions) to deliver the goods to your door is greater than if you are able to purchase the same item at a local business. By making these local purchases during your regular errand runs, you can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption and landfill with fewer steps in getting the products to your hand.

Buying your goods locally not only benefits the environment, but benefits your local community as well. By making your purchases at your local businesses, you help keep your local economy growing. Keeping your money within your own local community helps ensure local businesses continue to keep their doors open, keep your fellow community members employed and generate the tax dollars to fund essential public services such as education, police, fire, transportation and health care.

With the current high fuel prices, ordering products on the Internet and paying the shipping charge to have it delivered to your door can sometime cost you more than buying the same item at a local store. Also, many e-tailers employ a practice to lure potential customers in by offering a product at a low price only to make up the difference by charging a high shipping fee.

Buy from The Copy Centers
By shopping at The Copy Centers, not only do you get a wide range of products and services, free local pick and delivery, and at competitive prices, you can also feel good knowing that you've chosen a greener way to shop. The Copy Centers have many practices in place to help us stay green.

  • Paper Waste into Pads - The Copy Centers occasionally has paper waste. We convert non-sensitive paper waste by using the blank backside as writing pads. We use these notepads internally to jot down notes, reminders or phone messages instead of purchasing and using yellow sticky notes. Paper waste that we cannot use or contains confidential, sensitive or personally identifiable information is shredded and recycled.
  • Digital Proofs - Before we go to print, you like to see a sample of your document. Instead of printing the document on paper for 'proofing', The Copy Centers will create a digital version of your document so that it can be e-mailed to you and 'proofed' directly on your computer monitor. This saves time, minimizes paper waste and toner usage and also reduces carbon emission from travel.
  • Toner Cartridge Recycling - By the simply nature of our business, The Copy Centers consume printer toner more than most businesses. That's why we recycle the empty toner cartridges or ship them back to the manufacturer so that they can be re-manufactured and re-used. When we ship empty cartridges back to the manufacturer, we bundle as many into a box to minimize the number of shipments needed.
  • Green Recycled Paper - Many of the papers found at The Copy Centers contain post-consumer content and are manufactured with emission-free, wind-generated electricity. We buy paper manufactured from reputable paper mills having a strong commitment in being environmentally responsible.
  • Recycled Paper - When requested, The Copy Centers will use recycled paper for your order. Although recycled paper costs a little more, it does use post-consumer waste in the manufacturing process, which helps minimize the impact on our trees.

    Many of the paper selection available at The Copy Centers carries one or more of the following:

    Indicates paper was manufactured in carbon neutral paper mills.
    Indicates paper was manufactured with emission-free, wind-generated electricity.
    The Forest Stewardship Council certification indicates paper was manufactured at paper mills using wood and wood product that are responsibly harvested and processed.
    Indicates paper that is recyclable and/or contain a portion of post consumer waste (PCW).

  • Re-Using Available Resources - Whenever possible, The Copy Centers will re-use available resources to minimize waste. For example, we will re-use 'paper boxes'. Instead of using new brown boxes to package your orders, we will give new life to these paper boxes by re-using them for your orders when appropriate. You can also come in and ask for these boxes, at no charge, they make great storage or moving boxes!

    The Copy Centers also accepts used packing materials (i.e., packing peanuts, bubble wrap) from customers and local businesses that they have accumulated from their own order deliveries. Instead of going directly to landfills, we will re-use these materials to package your orders and shipments when appropriate.
  • Highly Efficient Fluorescent Light Bulbs - The Copy Centers use fluorescent light bulbs for the majority of our light source. While it cost a little more to purchase, fluorescent light bulbs last for years and uses a quarter of the energy of a regular incandescent bulb and can actually produce more light.
  • Power Saving Equipment - Printers, copiers and computers can draw significant amounts of electrical energy. At The Copy Centers, our equipment have its power-saving feature enabled. This means the equipment will automatically go into a low-power state after a period of inactivity. This reduces the electrical demands during times the equipment is not in use.
  • Recycling Old Equipment - Many electrical equipment such as computers, monitors and printers contains harmful chemicals (i.e., lead) and needs to be properly disposed off. The Copy Centers send obsolete equipment to local facilities designed to recycle these items.
  • Efficient Delivery Routes - The Copy Centers offer free local order pickup and delivery for our business customers. To maximize efficiency and minimize the carbon footprint, The Copy Centers schedule and plot the pickup and delivery routes to minimize overlap while on the road.
  • Strategic Location - Our store is located directly where businesses are. Our downtown location is located only minutes awayfrom many businesses, colleges and hospitals. This means that there is no need for us or many of our customers to travel by car to visit each other, thus no carbon emissions. Our stores are within walking distance for many of our customers.
  • We Buy Locally - Whenever possible, we buy our copiers, printers, consumables, computers and many other equipment and supplies from local businesses. This minimizes the environmental impact from the transportation of these equipment and helps keep our local economy growing.
  • Water Dispensers - We also have installed water dispensers at our stores for our employees to help reduce plastic waste. Making readily accessible and free drinking water, along with re-usable cups, minimizes the need of our staff to purchase bottled water.

Recycle bins are located
at our customer retail
store space to encourage
everyone to be green.



We bring new life to paper
by converting them
into notepads.



We digitally proof print
orders on a computer,
eliminating the need to
print on paper.



Our equipment go into
power-saving mode when
not in use to reduce the
demand on our electrical grid.



Whether copiers, office
supplies or food,
we buy locally to reduce
carbon emission from transportation and to
support our local economy


We have compiled a list of websites with information about recycling and going green. The Copy Centers encourage all to be green and recycle whenever possible.

Computers & Consumables Recycling
Canon® Toner Cartridges To return Canon's branded toner cartrdiges, please visit Canon's Cartridge Return Program Website.
Brother® Toner Cartridges & Drum Units To return Brother's branded toner cartrdiges and drum unit, please visit Brother Return Program Website.
Dell® Computer Product Recycling

To recycle Dell's branded products, please visit Dell Product Recycling Website.

Product Recycling

Recycling information for HP computers, inkjet or laser cartridges, batteries and more.

Xante Toner Cartridges & Drum Units Ship used Xante branded toner cartridges/drum units by using a postage-free, Merchandise Return Label. This label can be requested by calling Xante at (800) 926-8839.
Xerox Toner Cartridges Ship used Xerox branded toner cartridges by using a postage-free label. This label can be found at
General Going Green/Recycling Information
Consumer Electronic Association

Find out about a local recycler eCycling programs from

Earth 911

New York Public Interest Research Group


General information regarding recycling for both residents and businesses in Onondaga County in New York State at Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency.

Plant Green

A wealth of green information from the Discovery Communcation.

You Can Go Green
Electronic/Computer Recycling
Recycling of computers, computer parts, computer monitors and home electronics (i.e. TV, VCR, radios and similar)

Bruin Computer Trading and Recycling
1001 Vine Street
Liverpool, New York 13088
Phone: (315) 410-0050

U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency

Get basic information about recycling and reusing electronics on the EPA website.


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