Below are some of the common and/or specialty services The Copy Centers provide for your type of organization or profession. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these services or other type of services you may need.

Appointment Cards
Business Cards
Audio Digitizing
Prescription Pads

Appointment Cards

Give your patients appointment cards to remind them of their next scheduled visit. Appointment cards are available in black and white or full-color and are in standard business card size for easy storage.

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Audio Digitizing

The Copy Centers can take the audio from your cassette or microcassette tapes and convert them into digital files. With digital files, you can easily distribute, store and listen to your recordings with ease. Digital files are stored in industry accepted .wav and.mp3 file format for easy playback. Hours of digital audio files can be easily stored in one CD-ROM disc, saving you precious storage and desk space.

The Copy Centers respects your privacy. Your audio information are kept confidential. Contact us to further discuss this service.

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Prescription Pads

Commonly printed in black and white, The Copy Centers can quickly and easily produce your 4.25" x 5.5" (or at any size you specify) prescription pads. If you need a new design or revise a current one, The Copy Centers' full service desktop publishing service can help you design or enhance your prescription pads.

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