Large-Format Copying & Scanning

Our large-format engineering document solution is known for its quality, efficiency and reliable performance. The Copy Centers can reproduce full-size copies of your architectural and engineering designs up to 36" x 48" (E size). Having extra quality designs on hand allows you to communicate critical information throughout your organization.

In the age of digital document distribution, our large-format engineering copier also doubles as a large-format scanner. Supporting TIF, JPG, and PDF file format, The Copy Centers can digitize your large documents. Your digital document can then easily be distributed, archived, or viewed on virtually any computer. With support for 128 shades of gray, three industry standard file formats, and great scan quality, let The Copy Centers improve your productivity without compromising on quality.

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Benefits and Features:
Output to 24- to 36-inch wide media
Reduction and enlargement capabilities
Scan direct to TIF, JPG or PDF for easy electronic archiving and distribution
Works with originals as small as 4.5" x 5.5"
400 x 400 dpi resolution
Support up to 128 shades of gray
Same day service on most orders
Worldwide shipping available

Large-Format is great for:
Technical Drawings




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